Where can I examine or edit my process?

The process screen allows you to define process, called a value stream, which are the phases that a story must travel through to go from concept to completion. Click a phase to edit it, or drag the phases to reorder them. The changes you make here will be reflected on your project's board. Note that you cannot move the phases at the ends of your value stream, but you can rename them if you like. If you reorder the phases, be sure to save your changes by clicking on the "save changes" button at the top of the page.

How do I add a phase?

From the process page of a project, click on “add phase.” You can then name your new phase, provide a description, and add work-in-progress limit if you want to.

How do I edit or delete a phase in my process?

On the process page, click on the phase you would like to edit or delete. For here you can chose to edit it or delete it.

How do I change the order of phases?

On the process page of your project, you can re-order your phases simply by dragging them.

What is work-in-progress? Why would I want to limit it? How do I do it?

Limiting work-in-progress means setting a maximum number of stories allowed in that phase. Limiting work-in-progress helps to create continuous flow of work through your value stream. By clicking on the phase on the process screen, you can add a limit to that phase.

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