How do I export my data to Excel?

These instructions are for Windows Microsoft Excel 2007 - 2010

Before you begin, make sure to have the following:

  • Your API key enabled and available
  • Access level to the API set to *Read*, *Read/Write* or *Admin* in your role's permissions
  • Microsoft Excel 2007 - 2010 open
  • Checked out the API documentation at http://dev.agilezen.com/

1. In Excel, click the 'Data' tab at the top

2. Select 'From Web' (located on the left), which will open a small browser window


3. In the URL address field enter: https://agilezen.com/api/v1/projects.xml?apikey=yourtokennumberhere (replacing the last part of the address with your API key) Want to skip to step 6? Check out how to easily find your Project ID

4. Click 'Go', and select 'Yes' if you receive a popup message

5. In the browser window, you should now see a list in XML format of projects with their Project IDs that you have API access to and can be used in the next step

6. At this point you can change the URI around to retrieve the exact data you want to export using Filters/Enrichments from our documentation at http://dev.agilezen.com/


  • First 100 stories in project (page size default is 100): https://agilezen.com/api/v1/projects/yourProjectID/stories.xml?apikey=yourtokennumberhere
    (using the project ID for the specific project from the XML list of projects and your API key)
  • Change the page size to 1000: https://agilezen.com/api/v1/projects/yourProjectID/stories.xml?apikey=yourtokennumberhere&pageSize=1000
  • Story details included: https://agilezen.com/api/v1/projects/yourProjectID/stories.xml?apikey=yourtokennumberhere&pageSize=1000&with=details

7. Once you've decided to export the data shown, you have the option of saving the query

8. To save the query for use in the future, click the 'Save Query' button (disk with spreadsheet image) to the right next to Options...

9. When you are ready to import, select the 'Import' button at the bottom right and click 'Ok' if you receive a popup message


10. Next another popup will ask you how you want your data to be displayed, select your desired option then click 'Ok'


11. All of your data that was shown in the browser window should now be imported into an Excel spreadsheet

12. If needed, you can then save this worksheet as a .csv by clicking the 'File' tab, then 'Save As' and select .csv from the 'Save as type' drop-down box

What is an easy way to find my Project ID?

Easily view your Project ID from your project's URL.

Log into your account and go to your project, you will then see the Project ID in the URL at the top.


You can now use that Project ID with our API and exporting to Excel.

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