API Overview

NOTE: The AgileZen API is still in beta, and may change at any time without notice!

API Documentation

Please visit http://dev.agilezen.com for our developer documentation. It contains information that will help you build software that interacts with our API.

Access levels

Each role in a project has an access level for the API. By default, when a role is created, it does not have access to the API. To set the access level, navigate to the project's People page and click the "Edit Permission" button. You will have the following choices:

  • None: No access through the API
  • Read: Read-only access
  • Read/Write: Ability to read and write
  • Admin: Additional ability to add/edit team members, roles, permissions, the process including the phases of work, and rename projects

A project owner is always guaranteed API Admin access level, no matter what role they are placed in.

SSL encryption

We want to help keep access to your account through the API as secure as possible, so we now require SSL encryption (HTTPS) for all requests. For all those on a Personal or Free plan, we have now given you this ability for use with the API.


To enable your API key for use with our API, go to the Settings page on your account Dashboard.

Next, select the Developer tab to display the API key screen.

Then, click the "New API Key" button to create a new key


This will create your new API Key Token which you can name for your reference only (not required).

Make sure that the "Enabled" check box is checked

Then, click the "Save Changes" button


You can use the Token number generated wherever an API key is required.

An API key authenticates you on AgileZen, just like a username and password. If someone intercepts your key, they won't be able to log into your account, but they will be able to make API calls on your behalf. Treat API keys as passwords and protect them accordingly.

For more details about API keys and API Authentication, check out our API Documentation.

You are now all set to use your new API key. You can have as many keys as you like and we recommend creating a separate key for each integration you use in case you need to disable one.

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