How to set up your First Project in AgileZen

If you're new to AgileZen, this is a great place to start since this is a short introduction to creating a project.

Click the "new project" button

From the dashboard, you'll see the button to create a new project.


Clicking it will pop up a dialog box where you can enter the name and description of the project. Once you enter this information, click on the create project button.


Since this project was just created, you'll be taken to the project's homepage where you can add details about the project. This information can be anything from team policies or processes to descriptions of what the tags and colors represent. Feel free to use this area for anything that you'd like. This page also allows you to rename, archive, or delete the project if you need to do so later.


Navigate to the board

People typically spend most of their time on the board, so this is the first place you'll want to check out when you create a project. The board already has a default process set up for you if you want to start working right away. The board will have three phases listed across the top: Ready, Working, and Complete.


These phase names are just there to get you started. If you want to use a different process that better matches the way you work already, you can navigate to the process page. If you don't want to change the process, you can start adding work items to your board. You can always go back and change your process later if you find a better way to work.

Set up your process

This step is for those who want to set up something different than the default phases of Ready, Working, and Complete on the board. To customize your process (or value stream), navigate to the process screen. On this screen you can add, delete, rename, or reorder your phases.


If you want to make changes to a phase, hover over it and click on the edit button. This will open a dialog box that allows you to rename the phase, change the description, and add optional Work-In-Progress (WIP) limits. A WIP limit means that the number of stories in the phase should not exceed the amount listed. These limits are helpful since focusing on a small number of tasks can make you more focused and efficient.


In this example, I've edited the Ready phase and added a WIP limit of 3. Once the changes are saved, you can see them immediately on your board.

View your process changes

You can see that first column is now called Design and there's a 3 next to it to represent the WIP limit.


Now the project is all set, and you can add work items to your board!

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