The Basics

What is AgileZen?

AgileZen is a simple, flexible, and easy-to-use web-based project management tool. It was inspired by lean ideas, which originated from the Toyota Product System and lean manufacturing. If you’ve never heard of that, don’t worry! AgileZen is intuitive enough that you don’t need to understand lean to use it.

AgileZen was created to help you organize your workflow, collaborate with your team, and find ways to improve your processes. Ultimately, this organization, communication, and increased efficiency will save you time and create value for your organization.

How does AgileZen organize work?

AgileZen organizes work visually on a board. The board has columns that represent the phases that work has to go through to be complete. These columns can be customized to accommodate your unique process and can be changed if you find better ways to work. Cards called stories are “hung” on this board and represent work that needs to be completed. As the story moves through the phases on the board, it goes from left to right. Once it has reached the right side of the board, it is complete!

Who should use AgileZen?

Anyone looking to manage project work more effectively can benefit from AgileZen. Our customers come from a variety of backgrounds from legal to sales to software. Even people looking to manage their household tasks use AgileZen to stay organized.

Why was AgileZen created?

We started AgileZen because we felt that other tools didn’t have the right balance. There were many tools that were far too complex, difficult to use, and expensive and other tools that were simple, but were little more than a checklist. We wanted to create something that could model phases in a process, while allowing users to understand the status of a project at a glance.

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