What is Bitbucket?

Bitbucket ( is a web-based hosting service for projects that use either the Mercurial or Git revision control systems.

Why should I try it out?

Our integration with Bitbucket allows users to associate commits in Bitbucket with story cards in AgileZen. This lets the team stay up to date on the latest development work and view a history of commits for each story.

How do I set up the AgileZen integration in Bitbucket?

Before you start, you'll need two things from AgileZen:

AgileZen API Key and AgileZen Project ID (the one you want to associate with the repository)

Click here to learn more about generating an API key

Minimum API Access level Required: Read/Write

Your AgileZen Project ID can be found in the project's URL


Now you are ready to set up the AgileZen integration in Bitbucket!

Log into your Bitbucket account at

Next, go to the repository that you want to associate with your AgileZen project

Select the 'Admin' tab


Then, select 'Services'

From the list, select AgileZen

Click the 'Add service' button


Enter your API key and project ID

Click the 'Save Settings' button


To have your changesets shown on your AgileZen story card, you will need to refer to the story ID in your commit message using the format #123 or zen-123

Git example: git commit -m "Test commit message on story #14"
Mercurial example: hg commit -m 'Test commit message on story #14'

When you look at the corresponding story card in AgileZen, you can now see the changeset is available


Click on 'changeset' to see a list of your commit messages associated with that card


If you list multiple story card IDs in your commit message the commit will show on all story cards referenced (list with a character/word between IDs while keeping a space in front of the story ID such as ", " or "and ")

Example: git commit -m "Test commit message on story #123, #124"
Example: hg commit -m "Test commit message on story zen-123 and zen-124"

If you have notifications setup, you will receive notifications when commits are sent

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