What is HipChat?

HipChat (http://hipchat.com) is a private group chat and IM client for businesses. It has features like file sharing, video and voice chat, and cool emoticons.

Why should I try it out?

We love the idea of people using AgileZen along with other tools that focus on collaboration and communication. Our integration with HipChat allows AgileZen notifications to be displayed within your team's chat room. This lets users stay up to date on the latest in AgileZen, even if they don't have the board open. If a user finds that they want more information, there are links in each notification to the project or story card, so they can follow up.

How do I set up the HipChat integration in AgileZen?

You must be the project owner to enable integrations

Before you start, you'll need two things from HipChat:

HipChat Auth Token and HipChat Room Name or ID

(You must be the HipChat group admin to create an Auth Token)

To create your HipChat Auth Token, log into the HipChat website at http://hipchat.com

Next, select the 'Group admin' tab at the top

Then, select the 'API' tab

Change the type to 'Notification' in the drop-down

Add a 'Label' for reference (optional)

Click the 'Create' button


Your HipChat Auth Token has now been created

Copy the Auth Token to use in the AgileZen Integration setup


Now you are ready to setup the HipChat integration in AgileZen!

Select the 'Home' tab on the AgileZen project you want to set up HipChat Notifications for

Next, select the 'Integrations' tab

Then, enter the HipChat Auth Token and the name of the HipChat room you would like to send the notifications to

Check the 'Enabled' box

Click the 'Save Changes' button


*Both fields must be filled out for either to save

What do the notifications look like in HipChat?

The desktop application:
(also has a web application)


The iPhone:
(also available on Android and iPad)


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